French design art show
UPDATED: 14:42, October 10, 2004 French design art show opens in Beijing
The large scale French design art show opened in Beijing at the National Museum 發熱衣心得of China, unveiling French people%26#39;s wisdom and its design history over the past century.
Chen Zhili, Chinese state councilor, and Bernadette Chirac, wife of the French President Jacques Chirac, participated in the opening ceremony, as did French Culture Minister Renaud Donnedieu de Vabres, French Foreign Trade Minister Francois Loos a 發熱衣心得nd China%26#39;s Vice Culture Minister Zheng Xinmiao, curator of China%26#39;s National Museum Pan Zhenzhou.
Fan Di%26#39;an, the exhibition%26#39;s organizer on the Chinese side, who is also vice-president of the Chinese Central Academy of Fine Arts,and Gilles de Bure, the organizer on the French side jointly gave a brief introduction to t 發熱衣心得he show, which, with "specific topics and diachronic style," fully demonstrates the French "romantic" and "innovative" spirit.
The photo shows a model of Renault car displayed at the Design d%26#39;en France exhition. The exhition opens at the National Musuem of China in Beijing on Oct 9th, 2004. A total of 220 pieces of exhibits will displ 發熱衣心得ay French history of design and the wisdom of the French people. The exhition is one of the most important exhitions of the French Culture Year.Famous Chanel perfume displayed at the Design d%26#39;en France exhition.Visitor watches horse gear displayed at the Famous Chanel perfume displayed at the Design d%26#39;en France exhition.

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